Simon Cowell Changed As A Person Because Of Someones Singing

Whether you are talking about movies, dramas or theatres, there is always one person who is different from the rest. This one person is either hated or loved a lot. People who hate this person cant find a reason to love him/her and those who love this person cant find a reason to hate him/her. Simon Cowell is one of those personalities on TV. He has been the senior judge on several judging panels of many different TV shows. All of these were talent hunt shows where he was judging peoples singing, dancing, juggling and many other skills.

Hes best known for his judging on singers. He has divided the audience in two groups: one that loves him and the second one absolutely hates him. Those who love him state that he is honest with his opinion and judgment irrespective of how harsh he sounds at least he tells the contestants who and what they are. Those who hate him hate him for his harshness and straightforwardness. Simon can be a little too judging at times. For example, he would reject some singers before they even start singing just because of how they look or how they are dressed.

However, the best contestant of Britains Got Talent, namely Susan Boyle, has changed Simon Cowell. Susan was already over 50 when she came for audition on Britains Got Talent and her appearance and humor wasnt something that Simon liked. According to a recent statement from Simon Cowell, he did not want her to sing and was praying that she had stopped and left the stage. According to him, his whole world changed as Susan started to sing. He felt really ashamed for judging singers for their appearance. He said that he now understands the true meaning of the quote dont judge a book by its cover.

Susan Boyle had sung I dreamed a dream on her first audition in 2009 and this performance from her gave her worldwide success. The crowd in the arena stood up on its feet whereas the world was in awe. Her audition is one of the most viewed auditions on YouTube. Where Simon Cowell has changed his way of judging people according to his recent statement, many others saw their world changing as Susan sang that song with a roaring voice. Of course, if Susan can dream a dream, we can do too.

We have now come to know with proofs that age cannot keep us from showing our emotions to the world and from impressing them. If you think you have the potential to sing and move the world with your voice, you better start learning how to sing rather than worrying about your age. With singing lessons online you could start singing within a few weeks like a professional. If you have always been waiting to prove yourself to the world, you could do it with singing. Of course, with professional training you could literally look for a successful career in the music field regardless of how old you are.