Latex Versus Memory Foam Mattress – What’s Best?

What’s most essential to you? Wellbeing? Comfort? Sturdiness?

We chose to think about latex and memory foam mattresses and let you choose for yourself.

All things considered, who better to help you make sense of this one? We Essentia, do make a portion of the best latex mattresses on the planet.

So lets begin.

You presumably definitely know that….

A) Memory foam mattresses are known for their weight alleviation and comfort…but are made with some quite brutal chemicals.

B) Latex mattresses are known for being sturdy, common and sound yet aren’t known for solace.

Common Memory Foam?

Common, latex based memory foam is NEW and has been included on Dr.OZ, Tiny House Nation, O Network, Rachael Ray and some more.

Since individuals requested a more agreeable latex mattress, we Essentia put in 3 years building up a special and protected latex mattress.

You can take in more about how our mattresses are made.

Latex Mattress versus Memory Foam Overview

Latex mattresses used to be sold at Sears! They’ve been around since the 50’s and are a portion of the most advantageous and most eco-accommodating mattresses accessible.

Be that as it may, their solace, comes up short since the more regular they are the firmer they have a tendency to be.

Memory foam mattresses beat latex mattresses in all tests which measure comfort, as legitimate blood flow. Weight point alleviation is an unmistakable indication of solace. A memory foam mattress offers your body the best rest surface available, with better blood flow and shaping bolster being huge pluses.

Be that as it may, most memory foam is made utilizing brutal chemicals. Petroleum based memory foams are made utilizing known cancer-causing agents and have been connected to bothersome eyes, respiratory issues, cerebral pains and so on.

Settling on the solid decision (regular latex) or agreeable decision (memory foam) is a problem for buyers.

Remember you could simply get the advantages of both with our normal memory foam.

What is Latex Foam and Why isn’t it Widely Used?

Latex foam is a sort of foam intended to outlive conventional spring mattresses. It can be made utilizing normal or manufactured (artificial) fixings.

There are 3 distinct sorts of Latex foam:

Common latex

Mixed latex

100% engineered latex

Common latex foam is handled Hevea drain (elastic tree sap). It’s uncommon to discover normal latex in brand name mattresses since it’s costly and strong, enduring 15+ years. Enormous box organizations will generally just incorporate 1 – 2 crawls of common latex on top so they can advance the mattress as “normal”. In all actuality, the bed is comprised of more engineered materials than whatever else. Be suspicious when organizations don’t specify the rate of common substance in their latex.

Remember that it’s recently not plausible for any mattress under $1500 to be made altogether of normal latex because of the expenses.

2 Different Ways to Make Latex Mattress Foam:

Sap from the Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is gathered and prepared into latex; the completed item is utilized as a part of mattresses and cushions.

1) Talalay Process

The Talalay procedure of making latex brings about a gentler feeling foam. Synthetics and air are constantly added to accomplish this. 100% Natural Talalay does not exist and most Talalay on today’s market is vigorously mixed, if not 100% manufactured.

2) Dunlop Process

The Dunlop procedure of making latex makes a firmer feeling foam.

Both Dunlop and Talalay latex can be made 100% engineered.

Dunlop versus Talalay Latex – Clarifying the Misinformation

Individuals frequently say that Talalay is the predominant latex. This is false and here’s the reason.

Dunlop latex foam was put to advertise in the 1950’s. The objective was not to make characteristic foam, it was to make a more extended enduring, reliable feeling item than different foams available.

Talalay latex foam was then created. It felt superior to anything Dunlop foam since it was milder, more strong and had a more predictable feel. To do this, 50%+ of the common fixings were supplanted with synthetics. Keep in mind “regular” was of no worry in those days, it was about the properties of the foam.

As innovation enhanced, Dunlop latex developed and got up to speed as far as execution, strength and consistency.

Today, Talalay is still the gentler latex foam however it remains profoundly manufactured. That is the reason you can’t and will never discover GOLS guaranteed Talalay latex since it surpasses the amount of engineered fixings endured by the GOLS or Global Organic Latex Standard confirmation.

How do Latex Mattresses Compare to Spring Mattresses?

A latex mattress generally gives comfort proportionate to that of a spring mattress, however with broadened toughness (10-30 years).

The principle distinction between the 2 sorts of mattresses is segment quality. Organizations fabricating common latex mattresses have a tendency to settle on earth neighborly materials; normal and natural fleeces and cottons. Conventional spring mattress producers tend to utilize manufactured foams and synthetically treated engineered textures and so forth.