Experience The Beauty Of Nature In Cornwall

Longing for a zen-like vacation? Cornwall is the perfect place for your retreat. Become one with nature and experience relaxation while on holiday. Cornwall is well known for its sandy beaches and rocky coastline, offering some of the finest seascapes in the world. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy these natural attractions whether from the comfort of one of the many quality holiday cottages in Cornwall, or doing one of the many activities for which Cornwall is famous for, here are is a list of fantastic ways to soak up the scenery and enjoy nature.

Ride Horses –
Enjoy the company of farm animals, including some domesticated Alpacas, in the Dairyland Farmworld attraction in Newquay. Interact with them, feed them, or even ride on them. You can go for a long, soothing ride with the ponies. A trail guide is available to keep you safe.

Find Peace in a Bonsai Garden –
Japanese Bonsai Garden, located at St Mawgan, can give you the perfect Japanese ambiance in Cornwall. The place is scenic and serene. You can breathe in fresh air and feast your eyes on several bonsai tree species. The whole experience frees your mind from the day’s worries. Who knows, you might even end up cultivating your own bonsai at home after your visit.

Visit a Manor House –
Trerice houses the delightful Elizabeth Manor House, complete with the dreamy garden and luxurious interior. There you learn about the history of the place. Outside in the garden, you can take a stroll with loved ones and your dog.

Take a Sip of Coffee –
Coffee alone invigorates your system. Coffee plus a spectacular view equates to a whole new level of relaxation. At Lappa Valley Steam Railway, you get to take a sip of their brewed coffee and also enjoy other activities. You can go for a woodland trail hike or ride in those miniature trains. Canoeing at the lake is just the perfect low-key solution to pump up the energy. You will enjoy the surrounding views amidst the placid waters.

See the Birds Fly –
Animals can be altogether fun and relaxing companions. Experience the simple joy of having a mighty bird perched on your arm at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre. If you want to go fishing, the centre also has fishing lakes for your little exploration.

Stay in Luxury –
Sit back and relax in your own luxury holiday cottage or apartments. Newquay is perhaps the best known resort in Cornwall with a range of fine self-catering holiday accommodation including Rocklands Newquay.

Walk by the Beach –
Bars and beaches in general are a magnet for the younger generation. But there’s the coastline around Cornwall that’s perfect for your walk. The National Trust takes care of much of the Cornish coast and beaches. In the middle of the year, sometime June or July, beautiful flowers of about 154 species fill the head rows along the coast. You can expect a picturesque combination of flower topped cliffs and sandy shores.

Be on Top of the World –
While you literally won’t be on the highest point in the world, reaching one of the headlands which jut out into the sea will take your breath away. The view is just beyond description. Wait until sunset to witness an even more wonderful unfolding of nature. Or you can start your hiking early too see the sun rise.

There are so many other beautiful places to visit in Cornwall. This beautiful county is also ideal for exciting water adventures, too. But if you are in dire need of refuge, then those mentioned above would be good. Cornwall is just perfect for a restless, wandering soul.