5 Things Showing How Dramatically Poker Strategy Has Changed In 6 Years

Since 2010, many things have changed for poker strategy, influencing every players life greatly. Those who were beginners and were asking themselves how do I play poker? 6, 10, and more years ago are completely not like those who learn to play poker as beginners now. If you research the topic for some time, you will find 5 main things that will show you how poker strategies have changed during the latest 6-10 years.

Quality of Available Resources About Poker Strategy
The first and the most visible change is in the resources given to modern players. The information availability and quality increased dramatically, giving a possibility beginners to learn to play poker on the highest level. Even in 2010, people were still afraid to give out their own playing secrets, but now most of them are available on the Internet. Some of the examples are hundreds of teaching books, tips and tricks you can find on the Web, and awesome training sites that help you practice without losing money.

The Skill Gap Disappears
Now it becomes really hard to determine whether you are playing with a professional that has 30 years of experience or a newbie that was asking you how you play poker a couple of months ago. Due to this, the games become more difficult to win, as most players read the same material, watch the same videos, and practice on the same sites. From the other hand, the field is enhancing, having more professionals there, which is a good point for any poker strategy.

The Creativity Level Increases
Several years ago, most people didnt know that there was such a thing as a reverse float. Later on, they created a double float, aside from a number of other tricks and ways to win. This makes old good professionals learn new things and get used to a new level of gaming, which changes all their poker strategies greatly. Some of them come back to the time when they were at the how to play poker online – for beginners beginner level, and need to become as creative as the new online-trained generation.

The Aggressiveness of the Players Increase
Whether its the lust for money or the love for playing, people play more aggressively than earlier, which also impacts the strategies in a certain way. Players dont flop easily anymore, they fight, trying to win more, which is both good and bad for the game. Limping is seen only in the games with the lowest stakes now, as in all other games its considered the players weakness. So nowadays, before starting another game, one should realize his or her readiness to play aggressive, fighting for his or her cards and chips.

The Math Players Lead
Back in 2010 and earlier, there was a pure balance between the two categories of poker players: feel and math. The first were the people who were acting according to their gut feeling, the second were logics who counted their way to victory. Nowadays, math players dominate by the number, and their skills are astonishing. Feel players are still onboard, they play and win, but their number decreases, giving the way to the new generations of math poker wizards.

To Sum Up
Time changes everything we can think of, starting with our bodies and finishing with games like poker. The strategies change dramatically, and the most important reason for it is the availability of the information on the game. People read, learn, and practice online, which gives them lots of good experience. They may still need a great deal of practice to play live poker well, but all in all the situation is not even close to what it was in 2010 or earlier.