3 Most Effective Fishing Baits To Consider

With several fishing baits available to fishermen, you may wonder which of them are the best baits for fishing. Actually, all fishing baits are for a specific fishing type. However, in this article, we will examine few of the most popular baits used for fishing and the things that make them effective. You can use this information to make a well-informed decision the next time you go fishing and might just help you to catch a few more fish.

Plastics bait
Plastic baits come in different ranges. However, the most popular of these are plastic worms and grubs. As for plastic grubs, they are normally fished on a colored lead jig head while plastic jigs are used as bait for many species of fish. These plastic baits come in every shape and size too and are equipped with fish attracting scents. Plastics are extremely effective fishing baits.

Live bait

Live baits are believed to be the most popular forms of fishing bait. If you are fishing for live minnows or live crayfish, using live baits are your best bet. They are extremely effective fish catching tools. However, the live worm is the most popular live bait as at today. You can find live worms in convenience stores or online store. No matter what live bait you choose, the important thing is to rig the bait properly. To do this, you will need gang hooks. Gang hooks are a pair of small hooks tied in tandem, which allow you to lay the bait in a natural manner.


Crank baits are another effective fishing baits that you need. They are the artificial bait that mimics live bait. Of all the different brand names available in the market, the most popular crankbait is the balsa wood Rapala Minnow. Rapala Minnow crank baits look very realistic, and it seems almost like a real minnow underwater. Another bait that crank baits imitate is Shad, and the most realistic shad imitation you will ever see is called the KickTail Minnow. Just as Rapala looks like a minnow, the KickTail also looks like a shad.

From the many fishing bait available to you for fishing, these 3 types are probably the most effective and popular. But, they are not the only options you have. If you are not currently using one of these types of fishing baits, you should think about adding it to your repertoire because they are very effective, and will help you to catch more fish.